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The Law

All statutes are to be abolished. Statutes are the child of control and compulsion. Instead we absolutely must return to Natural Law and the Law of One. When the phrase ignorance of the Law is no excuse is used today most people are confounded because they realize they cannot know let alone understand the hundreds of thousands of statutes currently on the books masquerading as laws. Little do they know that statutes are not Law. Statutes are legislative rules of a society given the force of Law. We must revert back to Natural Law and the Law of One where we can legitimately punish those who refuse to obey the one Law which is DO NO HARM. That’s it. One Law. Everyone can understand this one concept and it will be easy to determine whether anyone breached the one Law.


Compensation for any breach of the one Law will be between the parties. This means that if I am found guilty of an offence that has harmed another then any compensation awarded will go directly to the harmed party. If on the other hand, a man falsely accuses another man then he must compensate the falsely accused party. This system is self policing, efficient and after a short time I could see the court system becoming a very quiet place indeed.


Education has been the responsibility of the parent. It has only been in the last century where Government has sought to gain access to the young malleable minds in order to indoctrinate them at as early an age as possible. Parents need to re-insert themselves as the true guardian of their children’s minds. Having said that, with the huge variety of human knowledge available there will be plenty of opportunity for the young to study with many and varied members of the community thus allowing anyone who wants to learn true access to actual, useful and productive knowledge. One on one mentoring or small group sharing of specific knowledge will quickly show itself as a superior method of knowledge transference compared to the useless memorization and regurgitation paradigm we see used in the “edumacation” system forced on the child today.

Health Care

Profit has “no business” being associated to healthcare. If someone is ill they should be taken care of, period. The idea that a man cannot be treated for an illness because he cannot afford it shows just how far down the ladder of humanity we have slid. There has always been people who feel compelled to heal others and there always will be. The Second system will allow anyone with the healing touch to first learn this truly exceptional calling and then practice its methods for the betterment of all.


Medical research will expand quickly and with the profit system disposed of, cures for some of our perceived incurables such as cancer will surely be quickly brought into the light for all to see.


There is no energy crisis. There has never been an energy crisis, ever. The crisis burned into the minds of the people have always been crafted out of greed and control using the most successful of all tools, fear.


The combination of solar, wind, tide, hydrogen, magnetics plus many other esoteric possibilities will easily provide more energy than we could ever use. The current fear of economic and societal backlash that keeps the Governments of the world from adopting any of these clean energy-harnessing methodologies (in any truly useful amount) will fall away when the Second system is adopted. The pollution/petroleum paradigm will die as quickly as it can be replaced with new, abundant and clean sources of energy.


Questions not yet answered

There are many questions that I cannot answer. I do not have the expertise to do so. What I am attempting to do with this essay is to start a conversation, so that minds much brighter than mine can massage this concept and make it into a truly workable system.

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