The Corporate World

Corporations have been bastardized beyond belief. The original purpose of a corporation was to provide a product or service to enhance the life of the people. This basic concept is what must return to. Profit cannot be the end goal of corporate endeavour if we wish to thrive as a species. Profit as an ideology necessitates manipulation, greed and control.


Corporations should be chartered based on necessity or public acceptance through a process overseen by the PSA (see below).


The mandate of any corporation is to provide a product or service that will enhance the lives of the people.


All productive time is tracked through a corporation.


Prices & Profit

Prices for everything will be set through a mathematical calculation that will be based on the required efforts to bring that product or service to market and into the hands of the people (much like it is today). The difference is that any profits accumulated get transferred at year-end into a corporate pot that is overseen by the PSA (explained later).


If a corporation has a successful product or service and is running at a deficit at year-end then the prices should be adjusted and the corporate pot makes good on the corporations debts. The goal of every corporation is to provide its product or service at “cost” and every corporation’s account is zero’d out at the end of every fiscal year.


Chartering a Corporation

Anyone can apply for a chartered corporation. This is where creativity is enhanced. If a man has an idea to build a free energy device, he starts a corporation and seeks the required help to manifest that idea, product or service. The funding for the enterprise comes from the corporate pot. Yearly reviews will determine whether or not a start up corporation will continue to receive funding if it is running at a loss. Running at a loss proves one of four things

1 – price for product or service was set to low

2 – lack of interest in the product or service

3 – mismanagement of corporation

4 – lack of production support from workers (maybe no one wants to work there)


If a corporation is not supported by the people through the purchase of it’s product or service or by democratic agreement then the charter is revoked and the corporation dissolved.





I suggest we use the current infrastructure of the banks to manage the Second system. Everyone gets an account (maybe based on their SSN or Sin #) into which seconds will be deposited or withdrawn. The current move toward digitization of the currency is happening for a reason, I just want that reality to be turned into a useful positive rather than a mechanism for control.


Banks would simply be mandated to create and maintain the hardware and software required to complete the function of exchanging seconds as efficiently as possible.


Banking is free to all users.

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