Peoples' Servants Administration (PSA)

When a paradigm shifts, new concepts must be named or labelled in order for people to integrate the new idea. We must rid ourselves of the concept of Government. Government by definition means the control of the mind. Instead I propose the concept of an administration where people work to support the many requirements of the general populace.


The two main mandates of the PSA are:

Protection of the people

Service the people


The will of the people is voiced through true democratic means, such as on-line voting specific to topic. If a man wants to start a corporation to build birdhouses then he must gather the support of the people in order to receive a charter to start the corporation.

If the PSA determines the need to widen a road then the PSA itself must petition the people for their support.


The PSA will oversee all things corporate and will be the acting administrative arm that manifests the will of the people.

Some of the administrative functions will include:

Courts for dispute resolution (corporate and individual)

Societal protection – policing, firefighters, health care

Implementation of Societal mandates such as administering new and existing infrastructure


All positions within the PSA are voluntarily filled by anyone who desires to serve the people. There are no elected officials or authorities of any kind. The concept of power and control cannot be given a crack to work itself into, as we all know how that always ends up.

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