The New Working Paradigm – Passionate Production


One of the great changes the Second system will introduce is the ability for everyone to do what they are either good at or simply love to do.


If you like accounting then you will go to work for a corporation helping to determine pricing. If you wish to be a policeman then you may fill that requirement. If you don’t know what you specifically wish to do, then you just find some position that will help the community in general until you do find what it is that you are passionate about.


Corporate profit (aka - greed) will be eliminated from the new paradigm (discussed in the Corporate World section) thus anyone can go and work for any corporation they choose. The corporation will welcome the help bringing their product or service to market as they no longer need to compete with others and trim production costs to maximize profit.


No one ever worries about changing jobs due to pay structure as everyone is compensated by the second and one may work where ever they choose.


People get to try various occupations without the fear of quitting a job and being without income. This allows true productive freedom and creates an atmosphere of curiosity, creativity and expansion. Gone are the days of trudging off to work at a job you hate because you have to pay the bills. Everyone can now try being a plumber or teacher or truck driver because as long as you are being productive you are earning seconds.


The question of merit pay invariably pops up about now. What of the man who can outperform the other man? Since he is no longer rewarded for his productivity he will only do the minimum of what is required of him. This argument is certainly true when thought of from a communist perspective. The difference with the Second system is that the man has freely chosen his occupation. If someone loves to do a certain thing, no matter if it is farming or lumber-jacking he will do a good days work. This cannot be said of the man who is forced to do that which he has no passion for.


Compensation is maximized by the time one puts into being productive. If one truly loves their work and puts in 20 hours per day they will earn the equivalent seconds. This structure leads to a maximum amount of seconds that can be earned in any given year. Understanding this, no man will rise above the rest to the extent that we see today. Today Banksters print or digitize and then hoard currency at will. They then use those ill-gotten gains to subjugate the rest of humanity. In the Second system every man will earn exactly what he puts into the system.


No man will be forced to work in any environment that is unsafe or detrimental to their health or well being in any way. If a corporation cannot create a safe, healthy and rewarding environment for its required workforce, it will simply not have a workforce.


So where is the incentive to work hard if everyone makes basically the same wage? Ah that is a question born out of the old paradigm, where more is better. The old paradigm is based on the fear of deficiency or lack. I would wager that as soon as one year into the new paradigm that the fear of lack will be replaced with passionate abundance. Just think of the personal energy shift within yourself if you could wake up and go do whatever it is that you absolutely love to do, all day, everyday! Now multiply that joyous energy by seven billion. I truly feel that if a man’s basic need for food and shelter are met and his personal life is truly fulfilling then the harmful ideologies of the old paradigm will never resurface.

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