Employment vs Contribution


The word employ or employment will cease to be a mainstay of our vocabulary. To employ means to “make use of”. In the current system an employee is simply a tool that is utilized to make a profit for the corporation.


To change this paradigm we need to embrace the shift with a new ideology that is referenced through the spoken word. I suggest we use a word like contribution.


In the Second system anyone may choose to contribute their time and energy in any way they choose. If their contribution is tracked through a corporate mechanism then they will be rewarded with monetary seconds. So if one wishes to be a writer/journalist then they will go and write for a tabloid or newspaper of their choosing. The corporation will welcome their contribution to its product and reward the contribution with the appropriate quantity of seconds.


Now one should be analyzing this scenario from a critical perspective. What if the writer lacks talent? Why would any newspaper take on a contributor who writes about things that do not fit with its current readership? Either scenario would probably play out as follows. The writer will never get his work published and will soon realize that he should try another avenue of publication or perhaps even another occupation, after all, everyone wants to be successful in what they do.


In the above scenario the corporation does not have “profit” as it’s main ideology so allowing various contributors to participate in creating the corporate product will only add to its pool of talent. The seconds dispersed to the contributor is a of little concern because even in the worst case scenario where the corporation runs at a loss for the fiscal year, the “Corporate pot” will zero out the account as long as the product or service is actively supported by the community.


The greater question comes when thinking about the jobs that are essential to the community but few if any really want to do. This topic will require some debate but a quick answer would be that people are required to volunteer for one week a year in which they are randomly assigned the essential tasks.

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