I have maintained for the last few years that we are approaching an economic fork in the road. Very soon we will have to make a choice as the world ponzi scheme economy disintegrates before our eyes. We will then be enticed by the same con artists responsible for the meltdown, who will say “We know where it all went wrong and now we know how to fix everything!” These are the same guys who have been raping you, me and the earth for at least the past century. Align yourself with these guys at your own peril.


Or, we could choose the road less travelled, the path unknown. If we wish to shake off the shackles of oppression that have bound us for so long in the invisible prison of debt we must chose the new path. We must do things differently this time around.


Of course it would be best if we could all agree on the Second system and implement it using a well planned and integrated strategy, but history tells us, that people for the most part will not change until they absolutely have to. So I fully expect that the people will not be proactive in this most challenging of times and will instead, wait for economic devastation to pull the world completely apart. So be it.


To implement the Second system all we really need is a marketing strategy to get everyone thinking about it. If enough people are made aware of a truly fair and workable system that can be implemented in a matter of weeks, then we stand a good chance of success.


I would suggest an immediate switch over to the second monetary unit as soon as the accounts can be set up. Making use of user account set up technologies via the web would expedite the process. Everyone who currently has a job producing something tangible is to continue at their current place of work doing what they currently do. This will minimize supply chain interruption. Then at a chosen date (say a few months out) people born on a specific year (ex.1947) can change their occupation. Then the next month the next year up (1948) can make the change. We continue on this cycle until everyone is free to roam the occupational workplace looking for the work that best fulfills them.


Start up prices for products can remain the “same”. The difference would be that $1 dollar which equals 100 cents would be now termed 100 seconds. A pair of shoes that today costs $45.00 dollars would now be purchased for 4500 seconds.


I base this logic on the following:

60 seconds x 60 minutes x 7 hours = 25,200 seconds which would equate to anyone who puts in a 7 hour workday earning in today’s purchasing environment - $252 dollars, extrapolated out that roughly equals an average salary to be $63,504.00 per year. Since everyone that wishes to participate and be a contributor to the community will earn approximately the same amount, there should be an immediate end to poverty.


Manufacturing and the Supply of Consumer Goods

This is by far the hardest part of the immediate equation. Not many people will choose to work in a factory producing washing machines or shoes regardless of how much working conditions improve. The solution here lies in automation.


Necessity is the mother of invention. There will always be those who are passionate about invention and who have the desire to share their creations with the rest of humanity. It will be these engineers that will have to solve the potential problem of lack of “people power” required for tedious factory type work.


On the positive side, if the above scenario does come to fruition, the result will be the minimization of “stuff”. If there is a lack of factory labour then factories that can produce will be working to fulfill real needs rather than “crazy straws” or “spray on hair.”



If the system is continuously being expanded with seconds then inflation would surely be something to monitor. This potential problem will be much more easily managed by the PSA on a monthly basis compared to inflation management today. Gone are the days where “money” and credit are pulled out of the Bernake’s hat to be dealt out to the “to big to fail” banks. Instead every second created is due to someone’s effort and it should be fairly easy to anticipate the amount of seconds in the system at any one time.

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